Aircraft Mechanic T-6 Unschedule CBA120 CAFB MS

Company Name:
L-3 Communications
## Description
RESPONSIBILITIES SHALL INCLUDE BUT NOT BE LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING: Performs maintenance and repair of assigned aircraft. Coordi nates maintenance activities with seni or sect ion personnel. Accomplishes inspections including. but not limited to pre flight, thru flight and BPO. Services aircraft as required for flight. Launches and recovers aircraft as required. Uses schematic diagrams, drawings, charts, and technical publications in operating, testing, removing. repairing, and replacing aircraft systems and components within qualifications. Removes, inspects, and reinstalls aircraft components including, but not limited to, flight control surfaces, throttle components, landing gear components, gear box assemblies, brake assemblies, and aircraft engines. Rigs flight controls, canopies, throttles and landing gear. Performs schedu led/ unsched uled maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and operationa l checks of all aircraft systems as necessary. Practices good housekeeping, tool control, FOD awareness/ prevention, and safety at all times. Performs aircraft conditional inspections as required. Operates ground support equipment and uses hand tools, speci a l tools and fixtures applicable to the assigned aircraft. Performs all required aircraft servicing tasks. Performs all tasks associated with ground movement of aircraft. Annotates maintenance actions in aircraft records and is proficient in IMDS documentation. May be required to acquire and maintain engine run certification. May be required to be Red X certified. May be required to be qualified on different MDS aircraft. Must promote Company values, policies, and standard s of conduct. Must be customer oriented and ensure professional coordination with Operations and other base agencies. Shall assist other personnel and work centers as directed. Shall perform other duties assigned to include TOY and travel. Receives cross-utilization training and is qualified to perform those maintenance tasks. Must be able to work day shift, night shift, or weekend duty as required.
## Qualifications
REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: A working knowledge of jet aircraft systems and the use of common hand tools and special tools are required. Must have a working knowledge of aircraft maintenance safety requirements and know how to o perate portable fire-fighting equipment. High school diploma or the equivalent is required. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English. The abi lity to read and comprehend technical data is requ ired. Must have three years experience as an aircraft mechanic or equivalent on the specific aircraft, as applicable. Completion of a military or civilian aviation maintenance school and possession of a diploma or certificate of completion are required. In lieu of formal training, a minimum of five years experience in aviation maintenance as an aircraft mechanic or equivalent is required Completion of Air Force 3 Level CDC Aircraft Mechanic Course or equivalent is desired. Must be able to obtain and maintain a flight line drivers license and may be required to obtain and maintain a class COL. Physical exertion requirement is medium. L-3 Vertex is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage minorities, women, protected veterans and disabled individuals to apply.
Req ID: 058949
US Security Clearance Required: Public Trust
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day - 1st
Travel: No
Organization: Division - Vertex-20000074
Aircraft Mechanic T-6 Unschedule CBA120 CAFB MS

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